Science Fiction and Conventions

We will be at Orycon again this year.  Please come visit us in the Dealers Room and come see the new heraldic Tiles


Guildor Farm specializes in  the wishes of history geeks mostly, but there are many of us history geeks who also focus a lot on far future and alternative history.  And who does not love mythical critters that populated the pages of so many medieval beastiaries?  Dragons, and Griffons, and Yales, oh My!  And so Guildor Farm has items for those cross over folks as well.


Science fiction, alternative history, fantastic beasts, fandoms (especially crossovers with medieval and Renaissance themes), these are all fun places to draw from as well as the actual history we inhabit most of the time for our inspiration.

And for those areas our items pop in and out.  Doll clothing for a certain Ring Lord saga, daleks on our dish towels, cosplay armor, dice bags, and many fun accessories.  We come up with new items for conventions when we go each year.  Suggest stuff to us and see what we can do!