Banners and Flags

Most of the banners and flags on GuildorFarm are designed by our partner Refracted Tapestries.  Refracted Tapestries began life as a graphic design studio serving local bands, non profits, and small businesses in the Midwestern US long ago (before Guildor Farm, even before the Internet!).

Since then the studio has morphed from paper graphics to decorations and ambiance, to heraldic design, and finally to banner, medieval,  and flag design.  These days it is the  banner design and painting studio wing of Guildor Farm, creating original artworks made by hand in the Pacific Northwest.  Materials may be fabric, silk, stone, wood or even paper.  The design and the painting is the thing.

Refracted Tapestries produces all kinds of flags and banners but specializes in heraldic pieces, wedding displays, and historically based art pieces..  Most of the banners showcased on Guildor Farm are Refracted Tapestries pieces.



To have a custom flag, banner or wall hanging designed for you, contact us at Guildor Farm’s ETSY site  or drop us an email at GuildorFarm