Meet some of our Partners

Guildor Farm is a partnership for many local artists, crafts folk, and makers of things to showcase their items with many others.

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Currently we have many partners who offer quality handmade items for sale.

They include:

Ered’s Armory – blacksmithed goods

Blue Door Creations – crocheted goods and art prints


Mad L Ages – science fiction, literature and convention themed items

Refracted Tapestries – Flags, banners, and painted items

Azure Pomme – Medieval and wood worked items

Younger Armories – Steampunk, cosplay and convention armor

Ruby June – Medieval and convention items

Build the Bridge – SCA, LARP, and convention  clothing and accessories -handmade and of natural materials (not costumes but clothes)

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What about you?  Do you make handmade items that GuildorFarm patrons might be interested in?  We always are looking for artists and crafters to join the guild!  Email us at for more information about becoming a partner.