GuildorFarm is a loose network of  hobbyists, project planners, writers, farmers, artists, and creators of unique and interesting things. The idea is that each person can do a few things well and together we can provide many things with the freedom of new tech that allows us to work on our farms, in our home offices, and at our workshops and still get our goods and services to markets that need them.

Combining twenty years experience in the modern office, fifteen more years networking and volunteering for non-profits and alternative activity circuits, a commitment to the medieval discipline of creating good work, and the need to pay the rent each month, we are partnership-based and  adaptable to the needs of the event director, the small business, the artisan, hobbyist,  or non-profit agency we serve.

  • Quatrefoils is GuildorFarm’s  ETSY shop and a outlet for things interesting to you, our community of geeks, sci-fi fans, history buffs, academics, writers, librarians, artists, farmers, LARPers, and re-enactors.  Thanks for checking us out!

Now what about the name.

Everyone asks.  And it is not that clever really.  It began that I am a giant geeky fan of The Princess Bride (Movie and Book both) and I often quoted Prince Humperdinck when he tells Tyrone that he is too busy to come to the pit to watch Wesley be tortured because, “– I’ve got my country’s 500th anniversary to plan, my wedding to arrange, my wife to murder, and Guilder to frame for it; I’m swamped.”

For years that was the line I used to get out of anything, including starting a business that would allow me to innovate and also to write.  And starting a business that was part guild (professional quality and service) and part workfarm ( small production focused), well GuildorFarm was born.


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